Athletics at Saint Anne

The value of athletics is undeniable: athletics can teach teamwork and sportsmanship, can contribute to physical health, and can be a lot of fun.

St. Anne Department

The St. Anne Athletic Department is committed to promoting the development of qualities in the student-athlete that will serve the participating individual and the community. We feel that the value of integrity, leadership, sportsmanship, and goodness lie at the core of the athletic program. Our goal is to provide a supportive atmosphere where our coaches will encourage teamwork, commitment sacrifice, self-discipline, and leadership. Our program will encourage athletes to compete with confidence and display sportsmanship at every competition.

For more information please visit: St. Anne Athletics Page

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Athletics Program

The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Athletics program is designed to be representative of the Christian values of respect, love, compassion, and support for each other. Through sports, competition, and teamwork, CYO Athletics provides healthy growth and development through games, practices, and the life lessons that sports teach.

For more information about CYO, please visit  CYO Website