Meet our Pastor

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the St. Anne School website.  As part of the parish of St. Anne, the school’s mission is to continue the work of Jesus who taught us that we are all children of the one Heavenly Father.  And if we’re all God’s children, then we’re all brothers and sisters to one another.  That’s why the children at our school are taught not only the 3 R’s (Reading, w(R)iting and a(R)ithmetic), but also to care for all of God’s creation and the worldwide family, as our Creed states.

We have, in our School and Parish community, all the elements needed for a happy life, according to a PBS Special entitled Happy.  In their study across different cultures and peoples, they’ve discovered the 5 essential elements of happiness:  Play, family and friends, community, altruism, and gratitude.  And these 5 elements are present in our community.  We are a community that not only supports our children, but through them, we also become friends to one another.  Many children and parents develop lifelong friendships, others become like a second family, and together we work, play, and pray.  We serve not only our children or the school or the parish, but beyond our own community to those in need.

When we pray, we give thanks to God for all of life’s blessings.  It’s easy to focus on the problems, the things that went wrong, and the things that annoy us.  But when we stop and count our blessings, we realize in the lyrics of Louis Armstrong, “What a wonderful world” we live in, we’re blessed with.  We hope you’ll visit and experience the blessings of this community.  And we pray that you and your child will find in our community not only academic excellence but a spiritual home that is loving and supportive so that you and your family will grow and thrive.

With prayers and blessings,

Fr. Daniel Nascimento


St Anne of the Sunset