Student Learning Expectations


The following expectations have been established in collaboration with
school staff, parents, and students.  All staff members, in cooperation
with parents, strive to support our students in becoming:

Well-rounded individuals who:

1. Practice self-respect.
2. Appreciate and demonstrate respect for diversity.
3. Demonstrates good sportsmanship.
4. Practice physical and emotional healthy habits.
5. Recognizes his/her abilities and utilizes them effectively.
6. Recognizes and takes responsibility for the effects of his/her actions.

Active community members who:

1. Show love and respect for all living things.
2. Participate in activities such as those sponsored by a church, local community organization, and/or government.
3. Value common property.
4. Are ecologically responsible and aware of local/global issues.

Lifelong learners who:

1. Are motivated by curiosity and a desire to learn.
2. Organize and communicate thoughts well, both orally and in writing.
3. Demonstrate basic skills and knowledge in all curricular areas.
4. Participate in a group by being an active listener and working cooperatively.
5. Responsibly uses a variety of research materials and tools for formal and informal learning.

Christ-centered individuals who:

1. Make choices based on Gospel values.
2. Develop a relationship with God through scripture, prayer, and community.
3. Share personal gifts in service to others.
4. Appreciate and respect Catholic sacraments and devotional practices.
5. Know basic Catholic Scripture, history, and teachings.