St. Anne Seismic Retrofit Project


Ensuring the Safety of our Children for Generations to Come.


On Oct 17, 2014, the City of San Francisco passed an ordinance requiring all private schools to do an earthquake seismic study. Although our school survived the past few earthquakes the study revealed weaknesses in our structure if the earthquake were to shake from a different direction.

To comply with current earthquake code so all our children can safely exit in the event of a magnitude-7 earthquake, the school would require seismic retrofitting.

After months of evaluation and study, the cost of the seismic retrofit for our school would be approximately $4.1 million. With Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s consent, our Pastor, Fr. Daniel Nascimento, and our Principal, Mr. Tom White, decided to proceed with the earthquake retrofit this Summer.

Although we’re not required by law to seismically retrofit our building, we all want to ensure that in the event of a major earthquake, our children will be able to get out safely. To do that, the floors and ceilings will have to be anchored to the walls. And hollow clay tiles along the stairways will have to be replaced to keep our exits clear after an earthquake. The hallway will also have to be tied together to strengthen the structure and integrity of the building.

Along with these seismic improvements, we will also take the opportunity to improve the rest of the school. We will install a handicap accessible elevator from the school yard to the 1st floor, we’ll remove asbestos present in our building, renovate the bathrooms and also improve lighting in each classroom.

The school is fortunate that past school families and parishioners have left us with a sizable endowment to help us with the costs. And because the school and parish also has a healthy savings account, we will use some of it for this project which will pay for approximately 80% of the project.

However, the school will still need the assistance of donors. We are planning to raise the remaining 20% through loans and generous donors.

To that end, we have created a gofundme page in hopes of raising funds for this project.
(Alternate donations options listed below).

We’re all in this together. Please help make our school safe.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.
You can also help us by spreading the word through social media. 

Thank you,
St. Anne School


More Info:
Seismic Newsletter 2017-04-25


With the seismic work scheduled to begin mid-June, we are asking that all the Seismic Fund Pledges be filled by the end of May 2017. We will continue to accept donations beyond this date until we reach our goal.

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1) You may send a check to ST. ANNE SCHOOL marked “Seismic Fund”

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6-19-2017 – After much wrangling with our GoFundme listing classification, we are happy to announce that the link is now active.


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